Splurge vs. Steal

Y’alllll this one is CRAZY true! A friend of mine who works in the make up industry told me this one. I used Smashbox primer for years but it’s another one of those prestige beauty brands that’s sold in stores like Ulta & Spehora. Neither of which I had near me so it was always a pain in the ass to get it. Then one day I was given one of the best & my all time favorite beauty secrets…Monistat’s chafing powder gel has the EXACT SAME ingredients as Smashbox primer. I know, I know, it sounds insane…and kinda gross. We generally think of one thing when we hear the brand Monistat & it’s far from the face. 

I totally didn’t believe what I was told so I brought my Smashbox to Rite Aid (it was the only store near me that had it in stock) & compared the list of ingredients. I shit you not, minus a few added fragrance ingredients & one for shelf life in the Smashbox, everything else was the same! Naturally I bought it…I had to try!

Not only was the color, consistency, texture totally the same, I actually thought it worked BETTER than the Smashbox! No joke. It filled in pores, made my skin feel like a baby’s bottom, & made my makeup glide on. Plus my make up lasted all day. I was never fully convinced my make up lasted all day with the Smashbox, I just liked the way it made my face look. But this stuff was waaaaay better! The only issue I had with it was that it’s hard to find without having to order it online! A lot of stores don’t seem to carry it or keep a lot of it in stock. I got tired of searching & I would always forget to order it so I eventually moved onto a new primer, but I swear by this beauty hack! Try it! 

Winner: Steal!