My Favorite Spring/Summer Trend Right Now

I love me some fashion trends, especially Spring & Summer. Cute dresses, fun colors & of course fabulous shoes…unless you’re one of those people who live somewhere where it’s warm all year ’round & you can get away with wearing fabulous peep toes & sandals every day. You don’t get that luxury when you live in Boston. Anyway, with Spring starting & Summer quickly following, all the latest trends are starting to pop up. My favorite trend right now is the Bomber jacket! I love that they’ve brought these back! They’re light & comfy, but also super cute & they’re so versatile. You can wear a bomber jacket casually with some jeans or dress it up over a cute dress. They have so many styles now too from solid colors to pretty embroidery work (which in itself is a huge trend right now), like the JustFab one posted below (I happen to own it & love it!) 

I put together some of my favorite ones below. You can find them anywhere, so pick a few up!

More of my favorite 2017 trends coming up…

Top Left: JustFab. Top Right: Valentino. Bottom: Urban Outfitters.