Hello Mamas!

Hey Everyone. It’s Jessica! I’m a wife & Mommy to my 2 beautiful little divas (I also occasionally wear scrubs & a stethoscope). My life consists of coffee, wine, make up, working out, the occasional dance party in my living room & a fantastic pair of heels. I’m a sucker for trashy reality TV & any cheesy 80’s/early 90’s movie (can we say Spaceballs, Beetlejuice & Coming To America?!). I’m sarcastic, brutally honest & I don’t leave my house without full hair & make up. I have the mouth of a sailor (except when the kids are around (P.S. not easy!) ) & a bunch of tattoos (sorry mom)…I am not your typical soccer mom.

On a more serious note, I had really bad (late onset )Post Partum Depression 5 months after Emma was born. I like to call it  my “Baby Rabies” & it’s how this whole blogging things came to be! Writing became my escape, it helped get all my anger & frustration out. It took a long 18 months, but eventually I did find myself again. The experience has completely changed my outlook on many things.

 I hope you’ll join me on this exciting adventure known as “Mommyhood” (and surviving life in the 30’s).






Sophia’s Kindergarten Picture. September 2016.
Lou Lou on her 4th birthday. December 19, 2016.
Meet Finn! He joined the family in August 2016.