A Letter To My Daughter On Her 7th Birthday

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Seven years ago today my entire world changed. Seven years ago today I became whole. Seven years ago today you were born. And I have cherished every hour. Every minute. Every second.

You & I were new to all this-you being a human, me being a Mommy. We taught each other, we consoled each other. We laughed together & cried together (mostly because you refused to sleep!). But I’d say we made a pretty good team.

These last 7 years have gone by fast…way too fast. And as much as I wish I could slow down time, I can’t so I have no doubt that the next 7 years will be gone in a flash as well. As you get older I’m sure we’ll clash. You won’t want to always hug me in front of your friends. You’ll start to roll your eyes when I try to talk to you. You’ll think I’m totally uncool & lame. But no matter what, I will always be here for you. After all, you made me a Mom.

You will learn that life can be crazy at times. Both good & bad. But you are a strong girl. You have always been a strong girl so when you are faced with a challenge, use that strength to face it head on. And pick your battles carefully…some just aren’t worth the trouble. Like Maya Angelou said “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

You will meet many people throughout your life. Not every one of them will stay & others will become like family. But remember, if your so-called best friend says things about you behind your back, she is not your best friend. She never was. If someone makes fun of you for something, it’s not you they have a problem with, it’s themselves. And never, ever let a boy (should this be the road you choose) make you cry. Know your worth & your value. There are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t waste your time on ones that can’t swim.

Be happy with who you are. Always Love yourself & never let anything (or anyone) hold you back. You only get this one shot at life, embrace every opportunity. Takes risks. Make mistakes. Go on the adventure. And always remember, if your heart is telling you something isn’t right, listen to it!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, shoes

I want you to look at yourself in the mirror every day & remind yourself that you are beautiful. Smart. Strong. Funny. One of a kind. There is no other you in this world. And if there ever comes a time when that mirror is looking a little foggy, call me. Because I can promise you there will be days when you don’t feel great about yourself. So always call me, because without you & the wonderful, amazing little girl that you are, I wouldn’t be here. These 4 people that live under this roof that you call family, wouldn’t be here. Without you, Emma wouldn’t have a sister. Your grandparents wouldn’t be just that. It was you & your sweet, beautiful, smart self that started all this.

You are loved & adored more than words could ever express. I found myself the minute I held you in my arms. Your Dad found a love he never thought was humanly possible the second he saw you for the first time…and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

We are so incredibly proud of the little lady you’ve become. I have no doubt that you will grow up & be a truly remarkable person. This world could use more people like you.

And one last final thought-Never perm your hair. Don’t bite your nails. Tattoos are not easy to remove. Always wear clean underwear. Drink water. Never forget your manners. Always believe in yourself.

Happy 7th Birthday Baby Girl. We love you truly, madly, deeply. And thank you for giving me the past seven years of utter love & happiness.