Snow Day

My kids schools are closed today because mother nature is an asshole. They just went back after Christmas break on Tuesday! Am I ready for a snow day? Turns out, it wasn’t so bad.

I was worried that it’d be a tough day. I was sure the girls would spend the day arguing & wanting to be glued to their IPads because they were “bored.” But we were able to actually have a pretty civil day.

They started the day off by sleeping in & then playing Greedy Granny (a new game they got for Christmas). They played pretty damn nicely for about an hour, laughing hysterically every time Granny’s teeth popped out of her head. AND they only accused each other of cheating once…ONCE! That’s a new record! (I’d just like to add that when I went to check on them when they were arguing I found them eating Doritos & Fruit Roll Ups & it was only 10am…however, I let it slide. I wasn’t about to piss them off. Don’t poke the bear!)

The rest of the morning & afternoon was spent in harmony & peace. They watched a movie together. They watched a few YouTube videos, but much to my surprise they weren’t glued to the IPads. They colored. They played with their new Barbie Dream House. It was a (Barbie) dream come true! They were like the frickin’ Von Trapp kids frolicking & singing together. 

Around 4:30 they started unraveling a bit. They started to argue with me about cleaning up their mess, which was kept to a minimum up to this point. They also decided they wanted to go out in play in the snow after having the entire day to do so. Now it was dark, freezing & the winds are insane. So naturally telling them no started WWIII. My oldest threatened to move outside permanently.  

But have no fear, they somehow quickly bounced back & went back to playing happily & built a big fort in the living room which I have no doubt I’ll be the one cleaning up. Overall, the day went awesome. A lot better than I anticipated. But they did just cancel school for tomorrow too so 2 days of being cooped up in the house may be a game changer. Pray for me.


And P.S. My oldest has since changed her mind about moving outside. 



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