Are You Going To Play With That?

Barbie Dream House, Pikmi Pops, Fingerlings, Hatchimals…no I’m not a commercial for Toys R Us, these are some of the things my kids asked for AND got for Christmas. In fact they got everything they asked for & then some. They wanted every hot new toy this year but apparently these toys become uncool the minute you open them.

I won’t even give a dollar amount on what we spent, my husband would have a stroke, but half of these damn toys already haven’t been played with since Christmas. I pretty much had to sell a kidney just to get my hands on these Fingerlings AND Pikmi Pops. My oldest doesn’t even know where her Fingerling is & these Pikmi Pops are just dumb…I haven’t seen either of my kids bother with them since they opened them. My dog actually plays with one…

The Hatchimal Surprise that they thought would be “so cool” to have since it comes with 2 that communicate with each other…yea, screw those too. According to the directions the more you interact with them, the more they do & they grow in stages (from baby to toddler to kid). Kind of like a Tamagochi from my day. Thank God these birds (is that what they are?!) aren’t real because they’d be dead by now. I found one under the TV stand & the other hasn’t left the spot I put it in UPSIDE (purposely) in my daughters room.

And the Barbie Dream House? The thing that was numero uno on their list for the past 6 months…wasn’t even taken out of the box until TWO DAYS AGO! And the only reason it was finally opened was because it’s not some small little box you can throw in the corner. No, the doll house stands at 4 feet tall. The box is massive. It was taking up so much space.

The one thing they got that they’ve constantly played with is the Barbie RV Camper from my in-laws. This toy wasn’t even on their list, I’m not even sure they knew it existed, but they’re obsessed with it. Maybe it’s the chase they like. Like a game. Maybe they think “hey, let’s just see how much we can get mom & dad to get us” & once they get it, it’s like “meh, we won. Game over.” If that’s the case, Lord help their boyfriends.

Christmas day we,  & by we I mean mostly me & 5 minutes of my husband, spent hours putting shit together. Putting 2 dozen batteries in toys that are currently laying dormant. And the decals! There were so many decals! And for what? To become book ends…of course. Next year they’re getting 1 toy each. That’s it! Nada mas!

Please parents, tell me I’m not the only one watching all my money sitting in the corner collecting dust?






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