Easy Thanksgiving Craft For The Kiddos

Today was a lay low, bum around kind of Sunday. It was freezing out & the first weekend in months that we didn’t have something planned. None of us felt like doing much so we stayed in our pj’s all day & relaxed with a fun & easy Thanksgiving craft. Turkeys made out of paper plates! You’ll only need a few things & chances are you already have them in your house. Aren’t those the best ones, when you don’t have to run out to the craft store to get supplies? 


  • Paper plates (if you’re like me with 2 kids then your house is never without paper plates. The “real plates” as my kids call them are “reserved for guests.”)
  • Paint & Paint Brush/Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils (we used paint because my kids never miss an opportunity to make a mess with paint.)
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper


  1. Color the backside of the plate brown
  2. Draw eyes, beak & tongue. You can even use fun googly eyes if you have them.
  3. Using the construction paper cut out the feathers & decorate any way you like
  4. Glue the bottoms of the feathers to the backside of the paper plate

And that’s it! Super easy right? And adorable to hang up! 


Happy Thanksgiving!


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