“Class Mom” Wins Class Clown

I was getting ready one morning & turned he tv on in the bedroom for background noise. It was on the Hallmark channel from the night before as I watch reruns of The Golden Girls every.single.night when I get into bed. Anyway, it was on a talk show type called Family & Garden…or Home & Family. Garden Home Family? I really don’t remember, but on this episode they were interviewing Gelman’s wife (you know, the producer of Kelly & Whoever-The-Hell-Is-Hosting-This-Week). She just published her first book, “Class Mom,” & while it’s fiction, it’s also based off the “5 soul sucking years” she spent as class mom for her son’s class. I’m not a big reader (I like it, I just never have time to sit & read…or sit in general), but this one had me intrigued. I immediately jumped onto Amazon (Amazon Smile of course for my daughters elementary school) & ordered it. 

First off, I should tell you I’m part of the PTO at my daughters school. I help in her class room (twice a week. TWICE), chaperone field trips, hell I even helped put together this year’s back to school carnival. I know, this is all very shocking considering…well, it’s me. I swear like a truck driver (which I have learned to tone back on when kids are around), I’ve never really gotten along much with other females (although the older I get, the more this is changing. Mommy friends are actually super fun to have). And I’ve generally just never liked other children (relax, I’m getting much better with this). But here I am, a PTO, classroom helping, kick ass, super mom…WITH mom friends. 

Thank God for Prime because the book arrived the next day! I decided I was having a do-nothing-but-read day. Let me just tell you all…I read that whole damn book by the time I had to get the girls from school THAT afternoon! I could NOT put it down. It was friggin’ hilarious!! I was legit laughing out loud throughout most of the book. If you’ve ever helped with the PTO or in your kids class, or just been on the email chain of the other parents from school, you will relate! Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’re one of those people who refuse to be a “parenteer” (read the book & that word will make sense). Just do yourself a favor & get this book.  


Oh, & get yourself some mom pals too!