5 Easiest Solutions for Arts & Crafts With Kids


  1. Don’t use glitter
  2. Don’t use glitter
  3. Don’t use glitter
  4. Don’t use glitter
  5. Don’t use glitter

It’s as simple as that.

Why do kids love glitter so freaking much? They act like they cannot complete any arts & crafts project without dumping an entire jar of glitter on top. The more the better. But that shit goes EVERYWHERE. All over the table, all over the chairs, all over the floor, and if your house is entirely hardwood like mine, glitter gets trapped in between every piece of wood. You have to get down on your hands & knees with a toothpick and pick it out. Somehow even the dog gets glitter all over him. It’s on their clothes, in their hair & eventually one starts screaming because they got it in their damn eyes (Fun story: I ended up in the ER with a scratched cornea from glitter eye shadow (it was the 90’s) when I was a teenager. That crap was painful as hell). Whatever they touch gets glitter on it. “Hey Mom, I have to go wash my hands!” Great, now the sink & the faucet are covered. Use your damn feet next time.

Sure the glitter makes things look all colorful & sparkly, but have you ever noticed eventually it starts falling off? I’m the mom that likes to hang up my kids artwork around the house, but I could do without the little pools of glitter that begin to accumulate on the floor underneath their adorable masterpieces.

Seriously, what’s wrong with stickers? Or good old fashioned markers & crayons? All of which we have millions of in the house. Hell, I’m even ok with paint, but Mommy’s OCD simply cannot handle glitter. So if you are looking for fun & easy art ideas for your kids, leave the glitter where it belongs…on the shelf at Michaels.


P.S. I also f*cking hate sand art!! But that’s for another post.



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