It’s Wine Day…It’s Wine Day!!

It’s my favorite day of the month…wine delivery day! Winc is a monthly subscription service that delivers wine RIGHT. TO. YOUR. DOOR! You get 4 bottles from all over the world for only $52 a month! Yes, I realize I can just drive down to the closest liquor store & buy 4 bottles, BUT #1. It’s a lot of fun to try different wines from all over the world, even little hidden islands that you’ve never heard of. And #2, why get in the car & drive to the store when I can order from my computer & have it delivered to my door?!

You get to pick what types you get; white or red, or both. You take a survey so they can get a feel for your taste & they put together the 4 bottles for you OR you can go on & put together your own 4 bottles. I currently have mine set up to 3 bottles of white/rose & 1 bottle of red for the old man (I’m not a red fan).

My Winc box for April has 2 bottles of Rosé, a sauvignon blanc & a red blend from Argentina. We’ve loved almost every wine we’ve tried so far! I highly recommend giving them a shot! Use my link & you’ll get a FREE bottle!!