Lumistick, The Mother of All Glow Sticks

With 2 kids glow sticks are pretty much a staple in my house. Kids love them & are easily entertained by them, plus they won’t break the wallet. The only problem is they never seem to last more than a few hours. Naturally once they’re out, my kids just toss them aside & I’m constantly finding sad looking dead glow sticks everywhere…and that’s if they didn’t break open before dying out, turning each of my kids into human glow sticks. So if you’re sick of crappy glow sticks & whining kids because of said crappy glow sticks, then you’ll want to continue reading because I have found the BEST glow sticks out there! They’re called Lumistick & they’re amazing! These things freaking last! For example, my 4 year old wanted to sleep with one & somewhere around 3am she wondered into my bed, glow stick still in hand. It was bright green so I asked her to put it under the covers while we slept. By the morning we had completely forgotten it was still somewhere in my bed. Around 11 pm that night (almost 24 hours later) while climbing into bed my feet hit something underneath the blankets…it was the forgotten glow stick & it was STILL glowing bright green!! I swear, not even a little dull in color. My husband & I were cracking up. 
We also brought them along on our recent trip to Disney. What better way to test out some new glow sticks, right? The packaging alone makes them totally worth it. They come in a protective cardboard tube, like you would see a poster rolled up in. 

We were able to throw it in a suitcase & not have to worry about TSA wondering why the hell we had 100 (yes, 100 come in the tube) glow sticks in our carry on. Between my 2 kids & my niece & nephew who were also on the trip, these were a huge hit! I never noticed how dark the Disney parks get at night (seriously, it’s like dangerously dark). The Lumisticks not only helped light the way, but it also helped us keep tabs on our kids at all times. One of my favorite things about Lumisticks are the bunny ear headbands. You take 2 glow sticks & round them into 2 ears on top of a plastic headpiece. For us it was perfect because they looked like Mickey ears! We were stopped by a few people asking us where in the park we got them! My daughter added a middle piece to make it look like Minnie’s bow. 

The kids found so many fun things to do with these. They made headpieces, bracelets, necklaces, even a jump rope!

In case you’re still thinking “glow sticks are all the same,” I promise you, not all glow sticks are created equally. And to prove that, we did a little experiment using the Lumistick which we got off of Amazon & the Supreme Glow glowsticks that we picked up at Target for $4 (for a 3 pack). Notice the packaging says “glows up to 10+ hours.” Riiiight.  One lasted 2 hours, another lasted just over 3 hours & the third one lit up in only half the stick.  Also they were no where near as bright as the Lumistick. I couldn’t even take a picture to show the difference because the Supreme Glow didn’t look activated at all on camera. Needless to say, Lumistick won hands down! 
There is a reason why Lumistick is ranked #3 in the light-up toy category on Amazon. You can get 100 8 inch glow sticks in 5 different colors for just over $5!! AND if you’re a Prime member (if you’re not, you’re living under a rock & we can’t be friends), you get them in 2 days!

These are perfect for camping, vacations, late night summer fun or simply getting your kids to play nicely together! You can get them in different quantities as well, even 1,000 which would make for perfect party favors, props, business outings, school dances, etc. As a mom on the PTO (please don’t tell anyone) I’m definitely mentioning these for the next school dance! So click on the link below  You won’t be sorry, I promise! I’m already putting in for my next order!