A Message For My Daughters…

Throughout your life you will come across so many different things. You will meet so many different people. Be given a million different opportunities. My advice to you…do it. Do all of it. Embrace whatever it is you come across, welcome everyone, & try everything. Just do it. Travel to new places. Eat really weird food from different cultures. Do any little thing that pops into your head or your heart (this is a big one). Never find an excuse, don’t let the fear of something new scare you & never EVER let anyone tell you that you can’t. You can do anything you put your mind to. Some things may be easier than others. There will be things you may love while others you won’t care for, but you won’t know until you’ve at least tried.

Pay attention in school, study, but also have fun. Go to college. Anywhere you like (I can always relocate myself). Study whatever you want. You don’t have to have your entire life planned out by 20. Or take some time off. Whatever you choose, you choose for you.

Dye your hair crazy colors if you want. Experiment with different styles. Figure out who you are FOR YOU. Go to concerts, dance like a fool, enjoy every second. Meet boys (but remember, you are ladies). Fall in love. Fall hopelessly, madly head over heels in love (but don’t lose yourself). And don’t worry if it doesn’t work out, it will with someone else. At some point you will have to know what heart break feels like but I want you to always get right back up & dust yourself off. After a little time I promise it won’t hurt as much.

Don’t settle. Don’t be with someone because you think it’s who everyone else expects you to be with. Always, always follow your heart. Never let a boy be mean to you or make you feel like you’re nothing without them. Let them pay for some things, but at the end of the day I want you to be your own person. Have your own money, pay your own bills…never lose your identity. Then one day someone will come along & you’ll just know. You’ll have butterflies, smiles so big your face will hurt, every song on the radio will make you think of him (or her), you’ll miss them 5 minutes after saying goodbye. Embrace it. Find your true love & happiness & always embrace it. If you want a fairytale, then find your fairytale.

You’ll learn really quickly that this world is actually pretty shitty. I do everything I can now to shield you from it, but as you get older I won’t be able to anymore so please always remember your worth & value. Always remember to smile even through the toughest of times…I can promise you every single person has had them. But it’s ok to cry too. But please don’t have any regrets or “what ifs.” Be fulfilled & never bored. The world keeps going, it won’t stop & wait for anyone so take advantage of it. It’s your life & the possibilities are endless. And above all else, never forget that if you stumble (and you will), I will always be here to catch you.