Let It Go

So you’re 5 year old wants to be a Disney princess & marry a prince? I don’t see anything wrong with that…Do you? In fact, when I was 5 I think I wanted the same thing. Hell, I’d settle for it now & I’m 30! Recently, actress Mayim Bialik aka Blossom, aka Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory posted a blog titled “Why I hate Frozen” & completely bashed the movie & its characters. She feels the movie’s “questionable feminisim, male-bashing & women who look like dolls” is sending a horrible message to children everywhere (News flash Mayim, Frozen grossed $1.2 BILLION worldwide).

She goes on to explain that there is a prince who is a “jerk” & “cannot be trusted” (sounds like most dudes I’ve dated), the male characters all look like cartoons (I thought Christophe was adorable) & Elsa & Anna look like Bratz dolls with their “ginormous eyes, teeny-tiny ski slope noses & Barbie doll proportions.” She finds it all very “confusing.” I’m not really sure what is confusing about it, it’s a movie. It’s make believe. Pretend. Fake. A CARTOON! Don’t get me wrong, I love Mayim. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows & Amy Farrah Fowler is one of my favorite characters on the show. I just don’t get all the hoopla people make over Disney movies being sexist or setting bad examples.

When Disney announced they were creating a child princess named Sofia (Sofia The First) I was SO excited! Mostly because I had just had a little girl named Sophia who looks just like her…in a cartoon kind of way. But I read SO many reviews, blogs, articles, etc. of people bashing the show because of how “perfect” she looked & how it was yet another take at trying to brainwash children into thinking they need to grow up & strive to marry a prince, become a princess, live in a castle & rule a kingdom (Because that lifestyle is so easily attainable…).

When I was little I watched all those princess movies. Sure, I wanted to be a princess (and according to my mom, I was!), marry Prince Charming & live in a big castle with lots of animal friends that would talk to me. As I got older I grew out of my princess phase. I didn’t watch those movies as much. I didn’t think about being a princess anymore. That was a thing of the past. Something little kids only think about. Eventually you become old enough to know that ruling your own kingdom from the seat of your blinged out throne just isn’t how the world works. We grow up. We go through school. We become adults & get jobs. Pay bills. Move out on our own. Buy a home. Get married. Start a family. I think it’s safe to say that most of us never even think about being a princess past the age of 10. But there are these people that truly feel if their kids watch these movies they won’t know the difference between real life & fantasy. That their kid lives to find this fairytale life. In my opinion, if your 18 year old is still holding onto the hopes of being the next Cinderella, you have much bigger fish to fry.

As far as the outrage over how the characters look, I don’t think I ever sat there at the ripe age of 5 & said “Hmmm, I want to be that skinny when I’m older. I want a tiny waist & big boobs” (I say that NOW). When I was little watching these movies, I watched them for the fun of them. Not to determine how I wanted to look when I grew up. In fact, I’m sure I didn’t even know to think like that.

I once listened to a mom in Sophia’s gymnastics talk about how she’ll never take her kids to the Disney parks because she thinks they are ridiculous & irresponsible. I think Elsa froze HER heart! Irresponsible? I think not. Disney World/Land is amazing. It’s literally the happiest place on earth (and most expensive)!

I think kids need to be kids. We need to let them be kids. Let them enjoy the fairytale & happily ever after while they can because the truth is, the real world sucks. As you get older & become an adult it’s not so happily ever after. There are no adorable animal friends that will sing to you. There are no fairy godmothers. Instead there are wars, murderers, debt, and violence. I would much rather have my young children watch a pretty, skinny princess fly around on a magic carpet than know the sadness of the world outside of Disney. So when my 3.5 year old asks me to help her put on one of her MANY princess costumes, I will happily do it. I want her to want to be a princess right now. I want her to think the world is a big fairytale for as long as possible. That way I can keep her from seeing what REALLY goes on in the world. I mean, most of us parents can’t even drop our babies off at school anymore without worrying about another student bringing a gun in. The security measures my daughters Preschool takes to get in & out of the building is insane, but necessary in today’s world. So yes, Sophia. You are Cinderella. Or Belle, or Jasmine, or whatever princess you want to be. And right now life really is one big ball filled with magic. Because I know one day you’ll grow up & be too cool for all that Disney crap. But please don’t ask me for a belly ring or a tattoo! 😉


My own Cinderella & her daddy with Snow White at Disney!

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